I have been working as a designer for over eight years now, starting in-house it wasn’t long before I set up my own company (design45). In search of a new challenge I decided to concentrate on working as a freelancer.

During this time I have lead and managed lots of creative projects. I  now frequently work as part of a creative team and am just as comfortable working on a project from start to finish as I am jumping on-board part way through.

The last two years have been spent freelancing at various agencies around London.  Work has included desk top publishing, large format print documents, social media graphics, infographics and general artworking. I have also been involved in creating a number of presentation decks.

I love being challenged, I love learning new skills, meeting new people, working collectively to solve design problems but also figuring things out by myself.

If you require anymore information or would like me to give you a quote please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you!